Workers of this generation often find themselves on the cross roads of decision-making when it comes to realizing their ambitions and taking their careers to the next level. No matter how busy, engaged and committed an employee keeps himself/herself on the job, nobody knows when the next wave of recession arrives and many a hard working individuals are snapped out of livelihood by market forces with greater weightage than their individual performances in the companies.

The desire to advance in one’s career must cut through the comfort zone that we try so hard to build around ourselves doing tasks that seem mundane and lack an iota of innovative thought.

A person must keep the below on mind if he wants to achieve success along the path:

  1. Be Adoptable to change: “Change is the only constant” finds a first-hand confirmation in the present times when one never knows how fast a particular change strengthens its hold in the mainstream. If a worker isn’t adoptable to change, the invisible hand of the market loves to destroy many-a-careers until it settles for the optimum for all the stake holders. And then the next-iteration after iteration repeats. The job market doesn’t adopt outdated skill sets. A taxi driver who is not well-versed with using smart phones, is bound to go out-of-business in today’s age of online taxi-aggregation. Similarly when I started my training career, it was just classroom training and I never liked learning new technology. But now everything is going digital. So to survive in this competitive world I learnt e- learning tools and adopting myself to change
  2. Network: Staying connected with people form your tribe, can bring in unforeseen profits for your skills, practice or business. Making one contact once a day is the secret of my success. It can be talking to any stranger while travelling to work or connecting someone on Linkedin. A WhatsApp group I accidently became a part of, has all the HRs from different organisations doing business together. A forex dealer in India with his connects abroad in Iran and Turkey saved assets worth million for clients when the Lira and Rial (currencies of Turkey and Iran respectively) faced dips due to sanctions.
  3. Stay Updated:Who would have thought 10 years back that an investment banker would be working with Python codes (a hard-core computer science work) for framing new investment strategies? Who would have thought political party strategists will require sentiment analysers (Data Analysis on Social Media) to guide them in their campaign strategy. These circumstances dictates one to opt for the continual upgrade for his/her skill set. One must take the deep dive, update, refine and be at the top of ones abilities to be the master of the game.
  4. Be Noticeable: Doing above-average work when noticeable/recognizable is better than doing great work in a silo. Keep your Professional Social media up-to-date; recruiters with better opportunities may come knocking in a nick of time and the next thing you know are plethora of assignments coming your way. A friend of mine, mentioned a college assignment they did for fun in his LinkedIn profile, gave him the edge over his peers when his team lead wanted to put someone on a similar assignment on an adhoc basis and were reluctant to hire an outsider for the role.
  5. Take Ownership: It is important that one takes ownership in his/ her work. I excel at whichever place I work by treating the organisation’s problems as my problems. I understand that how much it takes to invest in an organisation and think from the owner’s perspective. If you start thinking it as your own company and not someone who has to finish his day in 9 hours then definitely not only you would deliver your best in the organisation but also you would enjoy working as well.

Staying relevant and updated in one’s job or business is the need of the hour- for winning once makes you the winner, staying on top is what makes you the legend! Knowledge and ownership has always been the key to success

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