Your work force is a mixed lot. They consist of employees as young as 20 and as old as 70; from young college graduates to people nearing retirement from active service. Men and women with different areas of interests, ambitions, work routines, lifestyles, likes and dislikes need an active umbrella of engagement to open up, be motivated and perform in a healthy environment of opportunity and growth. A survey reveals that 90 percent of employers think that employee engagement strategy has a role in business outcomes, but only 40 percent of the workforce are engaged enough to understands their company’s goals, strategies and tactics.

Productivity of the organization takes a massive jump when the engagement levels of the employees are changed for the better. The same survey reveals that companies can attain 2.5X greater revenues with an engaged workforce.

Your millennial employees connect on FIFA, European football leagues, Game of Thrones, PUBG and a lot of random stuff that floats on the internet. The middle aged connect on TV series of their genre, flavour and style. While the elderly have different areas of interest ranging from societal issues to state affairs and education of their children and grandchildren. Devising a common engagement strategy needs a few well thought-after steps to accommodate diversity in a workforce under one roof.

As an employer you need to keep your employee’s satisfaction and workplace engagement at the priority, as employees are the backbone of any organization.

  1. Synergize: Bring the synergy of teams together in celebrating festivals, birthdays by organizing small and once in a while big get-together, either at the workplace or outside at a hired venue. Team outings are a great way to keep everyone stick together. Ethnic day, Desk decoration, Antakshari, Quizzes, Flash mob etc. once in the entire year bring the necessary break from the usual work routines. Once in a while fun and frolic at the workplace keeps your employees rejuvenated.
  2. Incentivize: Do not lag behind in incentivizing. Good work must be recognized. The difference that even the smallest effort creates and the overall impact it has on the process improvements, revenue increments, proposing recommended changes that bring real difference to the work structure within the organization, inter departmental work alignment efforts etc. need to be felicitated. When a person finds his/ her efforts acknowledged, (s)he then works with a rejuvenated mind-set and replenished energies. Also, by incentivizing the employee, the company is sending the message that they care for their employees.
  3. Keep them engaged: Raise the bar by giving them a higher purpose. A millennial worker finds the usual boring; the same is applicable to a consumer outside as well. It gives the necessary push to strive for the better, the bigger and the next level. The strategy makers must give the needed resource, platform and space to bring the new ideas to completion. Sometimes a recommended idea, when build upon brings massive changes in the overall work culture and results. The massive energy and the push needs the correct outlet to manifest for the better.
  4. Keep the energy up: If you are start-up, working with smaller teams, workplace health might not be the priority, but should not be overlooked completely. Start-ups are identified with chaotic work routines, ambiguous work-structures and multiple role renditions by one person. Starting operations would not necessarily mean that processes are structured, or the leaves planned; but the Adhoc moments of humour and get-together should be utilised to the fullest. As the organization develops and expand operations, greater weightage be shifted towards employee wellbeing, smoother working hours and equal division of work. The aim is to not let the sloth enter and let the work pressure take the better of your team.
  5. Keep it real and cooperate: Divide work equally amongst your team members. No gender bias should creep into work allocation. Also, co-operating with you team mates to cope up with emergencies, family work and responsibilities count for great help and employees feel supportive when they work for a manager who understands. A pregnant lady employee is a true asset to the organization as she chooses to be on duty, never a liability. This attitude needs deep rooted cultivation in work culture.
  6. Create a level-playing field/ Bring Ideas on the same page:Resolve Conflicts between senior management’s passions and a professional’s working style. There might be differences in expectations and the work culture in general, but the same should never result into logger-heading at board rooms. Engagements rise when there are agreements on disagreements and still they work together instead of putting in silo-ed efforts in distributed mental work spaces.

Keep in mind the above and your workplace is on its way to become awesome.


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