I believe the most confusing thing in our lives is choosing our career. The most important question that pops up very often is How to beocome rich. When we are young and enter in some field, we always feel the grass is greener on other side. And after we spend 10 years in some profile, many of us still feel the grass was greener on other side and regret for not following our gut.

We live in that regret and continue doing what we don’t like because of various reasons like added responsibilities, having a thought that the 10 years of the past experience would be a WASTE not thinking about the other 40 years of the life to be a waste. Well, I must say that I have always followed my gut and also because of my passion and an extrovert nature, I could earn 50,000 rupees in a month just at the age of 20. So here is my story.

I never even thought in my life that I would ever persue chartered accountancy at the age of 18. However, due to peer pressure and my mom’s influential thoughts upon me I decided to pursue the course of CA alongwith my graduation. My mom has always been a genius in convincing me since childhood. No pressure, no emotional atyaachar but one witty sentence made me take the step. She said that as it is you would get free from college after 12 pm. Instead of roaming and wasting time after college. Study for 3 years, you will get some knowledge. Study for knowledge.

Read your books for gaining out of it and not with the pressure of giving and clearing the exam. I must say moms are pretty smart. Once I got into it, alongwith knowledge, stress and pressure came complimentary. I finished second level of my CA exams, did internship for three years, appeared for my Bcom examination and all of it. I had joined coaching classes for Chartered Accountancy course and don’t know why but I always used to feel quite excited with the thought of teaching since my childhood. Teaching in school or college never motivated me those days since I was well aware that there was no monetary growth.

I have always focused on my communication skills, used to like getting appreciation whenever I helped others in their lives, and also an avid reader. And me being of an inquisite nature, always had the thirst of knowledge so research had become my hobby. Trust me these qualities will make you learn how to become rich Since the age of 20, I was very clear that I always wanted to become a trainer or a speaker and bring a change in people’s lives somehow but not free of cost. I had failed in my IPCC exam second level exam 3 times and that also helped me because that helped me become a master in cost accountancy which proved in my results. I had cleared with an exemption scoring extra ordinary in that subject. So now I had more knowledge, some expertise on papers to show about the subject matter.

I was so passionate about teaching, that with full confidence, started applying my CV randomly at various coaching institutes in Mumbai. After doing alot of research as to how to make a perfect resume and how and what to email alot of trial and error was done but didn’t give up. Fetched the email ids of alot of coaching institutes in Mumbai. I didn’t assume that I am a fresher, my CA degree isn’t complete and my graduation results are not out then who would give me an opportunity. There was no harm in trying. With full passion, I applied at more than 100 coaching institutes.

To my surprise, I got a revert from one of the coaching institutes in Andheri East. Quite a reputed one in Andheri and was called for an interview after the telephonic round. Both the owners interviewed me and they found my confidence as my main asset. Then they wanted to test my knowledge. Since I had cleared my second level of CA, the syllabus of graduation was a cake walk for me. They asked me to give some demo lectures. I impressed them with it. They were an angel for me to grant me an opportunity. It is very important that employers should stop judging candidates solely on their degree. Alongwith the zeal towards the career I had chosen, I also wanted to earn because of financial crunch in the family.

I was offered to teach the subject of accountancy for the 11th and 12th grade. Then I was given cost accounting for TYBcom.

I was paid 150 RS per hour which was too overwhelming for me. I used to teach for 8 hours and study myself to teach the students for 5-6 hours. In no time I was given lectures for CA students as well and my per hour remuneration increased to 350 RS. And from that month I earned around 50,000 Rupees. I started getting offers from other classes as well. The bottom line is, I earned money because I had confidence in myself, didn’t let others thoughts influence me, made strategies and followed my heart.

I faced alot of obstacles in my journey. These obstacles were emotional obstacles which I learnt to handle. If you learn to handle these, you can surely learn how to become rich

My CA friends and relatives gave me advices to complete the degree and then get into into teaching. However my family was always so supportive. I had the freedom to choose my career.

I never wanted to do CA for degree because the thought of what would I work as made me blank. It was always for knowledge that I read. I also studied the entire syllabus of cost accountancy of Final CA and Auditing so that could get the best of the knowledge to teach. Many told it would give you respect. But I knew I got immense respect when I made others pass their examination. Ofcourse each batch was a challenge for me. I had to build trust amongst each student I taught that I am not a chartered accountant but will surely help you make a chartered accountant. And after a few lectures they would feel confident about me.

Many would also tell me, you would get more money if you have the degree. And in my mind I used to laugh because they had no idea how much I was minting then. I never wanted to stick myself to one domain hence running after that degree was a waste of time for me. But I did not want to tell or explain it to anyone. Not that I did not try explaining . I did that to a few. Some made fun, some pitied me, and a handful of them motivated me. It’s been 10 years now that I have been into training and have explored education sector, retail sector, I.T, Insurance, Cargo etc.

People still get amazed even after 10 years of my experience that I quit CA and consider those 3 years as a waste of my life. I never had any regrets since those 3 years gave me immense knowledge and made me fall in love with reading books.

I earned money at such a young age because

1. I followed my heart

2. Not let the society around me influence me

3. Tried as hard as possible to get there

4. Once the opportunity knocked, just one goal to prove yourself

5. If I ever thought that who would think bad about me were my students if I didn’t perform well every single day and not the society

6. If Plan A didn’t work, tried Plan B but keep trying.

7. If I stood in front of 100 people in front of me many times who were even older to me, I made sure I had 100 times more knowledge than them about the subject. So yes, knowledge is very important for that reading is.

8. I never assumed that no fresher can get an opportunity to teach. When you do something that no one does only then you would stand out of the crowd. So I always believed in trying myself than assuming. At the most what would happen ? Rejection ? That’s it ? And what if out those 100 rejections, you get one acceptance ? It’s all about the attitude of thinking which makes a difference in our lives

You too can earn more than 50,000 also at any age whenever you want provided you are not controlled by other people’s perception about you and that is when you will get your answer to how to become rich. Provided you know what you are doing is what makes you happy.

Even after 3 years you realise you are not happy where you are and want to try the other side of the grass, DO IT. Take calculated risks. I also had a downfall in my life where I earned just 17,000 a month and then jumped to 1,00,000 a month within 6 months. Want to know how, read my next blog. Be it after 3 years or 30 years if by measuring pros and cons and by believing it’s possible, just do it.

Don’t stop yourself by thinking about past. Think if you don’t do it now, the entire life would be a waste and not just few years. I like writing blogs so I write it. If I keep thinking what others would think about me after reading my blogs, I will never be able to do what I actually love to do.

I felt like writing this blog because I see people getting so influenced by the society around and loose the confidence inside them. Following the crowd will never make you earn money but following your heart will surely do. I hope it gives some power to ignore those who don’t have to contribute a single thing in achieving your dreams. Follow your heart and speak your heart. Unplugged !

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