Travel is important. It opens you up for possibilities- things, events, people and places- and when you return, you already bid goodbye to a part of yourself, and welcomed a newer self, a more rejuvenated version of yourself. Short vacation, weekend escapes, trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, river rafting, religious pilgrimage, visiting unexplored nearby places or visiting relatives acquaintances, minding the budget is extremely quintessential and core to the planning of a travel. So, in this blog you will see how to travel on a budget

  1. Planning: Make sure that you book the air tickets if you are travelling by flight 2-3 months in advance. There are sales and airline festivals running round the year. Don’t wait to get lucky but be smart to always keep an eye. Once I had bought a cancellation cover worth 1000 Rupees while booking the flight of 8500. The cover could give us 100 percentage money back in case of flight cancellation. The prices dropped to 5000 rupees aftee a week and we cancelled our earlier tickets making a net profit of 5000. Take advantage of these kind of covers. The more you book in advance, the more chances of reduced fare. Usually I keep an eye on the trend of fluctuation of air fares. But be careful while checking the fares. If you check again and again they might shot up.
  2. Booking for a local transport: If you need any local transport at the place where you would be staying, NEVER EVER book it from your home town since you would not know the options available out there and you might end up paying extra amount. I have experienced this many times and lately on my trip to Leh Ladakh and Mauritius.
  3. Form your own itinerary: After you are done with your flight booking, now you have lots of time, planning your itinerary. Don’t be lazy to leave it upto the travel agents. Take information from multiple agents, research about hotels and which places to visit. Form your own itinerary. This is surely going to save you alot of money.
  4. Hotel bookings: The best secret to save a huge amount is check various websites for hotel bookings and then you personally call up these hotels and check the tariff. Whichever is cheaper, just go for it.
  5. Interact with locals: It is so important that after reaching the destination, you keep interacting with the locals. Mind it. Not one person but multiple people for they would be the best people to guide to provide you options for good and affordable restaurants and also you would get a fair idea that you are not over- paying for any sort of adventurous activities if any.
  6. Avoid the “avoidable”: Don’t end up wasting money on avoidable stuff that does not value add to your travel experience. Spending on a souvenir that you could easily get at your hometown is an unnecessary expense. However, if there is something particular to the place, you must allocate a certain amount for it and not spend it elsewhere.
  7. Be insured: It is important to buy travel insurance. Unfortunately or fortunately I had a chance to use it at multiple occasions. One such occasion where travel insurance saved my 10,000 rupees. If you don’t swim in the blue water beaches of Mauritius then it will be in an incomplete trip. While walking on the beautiful sand on the beach, a spike of sea urchin got inside my feet. Since I had communicated with the locals out there, we were aware that there were sea urchins on the beach and the spike should not be removed with a needle or finger since that would cause it to break into microscopic pieces which may cause a surgery to happen. Hence we rushed to the hospital. The removal of the spike costed us 4500 Mauritian rupee which equals 9000 of Indian rupee. We were shocked but had to pay since it was necessary to get treated. Luckily we had travel insurance so we immediately informed our insurance agent about the mishap after getting back in the hotel room. He asked us not to worry and after coming back to India we could file for our claim. And guess what? We got the money back.

So, the bottom line is, if you research and plan for your trip you can get the best and the cheapest deals and can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

“Not all those who wander are lost”- Why is it important to travel?

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