When it comes to travelling, I always prefer to self- drive where-ever possible. One such country was Scotland. The thrill to drive through the Scottish highlands itself was so electrifying. It is always better to have your car while exploring different places. Car rental Scotland is the way to go about it. You can have the liberty to stop anywhere to click pictures or gaze the sky or stop by the river. It was simply an awesome experience to explore the islands. But with me, happiness never comes that easy. It always has to come with a- lot of adventure which is good. Only then I got motivated to talk unplugged

My experience

Talking about my experience, there are many modes of commutation to travel within Scotland; however if you are planning to explore the highlands of Scotland then you should definitely hire a car if you can self- drive. But if you are planning to explore Edinburg or Inverness cities then you must explore it by foot since it is difficult to get parking. So without having any thoughts, we decided to hire a car to travel to the highlands of Scotland. It was a very sudden plan while we were in London for a few days that it would be a real waste to come all the way to UK and leave the Scottish highlands unexplored. Since we did not want to waste a lot of time hunting for the car after reaching Scotland, we decided to book it online.

Our experience was not that smooth so here are the tips you can consider basis my experience. Although while booking the car from a very famous aggregator car rental website, we faced a-lot of trouble and had to wait at the airport for 2-3 hours, pay double the amount and also the anxiety was brewing up.

While booking the car, we had explicitly inquired a-lot of times if the Indian driving license would be acceptable.  Since we were already at London by then, it was not possible for us to procure the international driving license. They mentioned that a couple of dealers do accept Indian driving license and we chose one amongst the one they had guaranteed and made full payment of around 18000 rupees to the broker.

The real adventure began after we landed at the Edinburg airport.

We reached at Edinburg airport, and to our surprise when you reached at the dealer’s desk at around 6 pm, he denied to give us the car stating that they don’t accept the Indian driving license and would accept only the international driving license. When we called up the aggregator from whom we booked, they refused to help and at the same time denied to give us the refund. It was so shocking for us. We had booked our hotels for the next 4 days’ stay, our money had got wasted. Although, at that point of time, more than money I thought it is important to get another car. Hence I approached the dealers there at the airport and one of them luckily agreed. I called up at the aggregator and requested them to transfer the money to this company instead and we would pay the difference.

They did not help us for this condition as well. The only thing they agreed was to book another car paying again from their website and they would provide us for the refund in 7 days for the first booking. We had no option but to trust them. As soon as we were about to make the payment for the new car, the new car dealer mentioned that we must take directly from them rather than the broker even though they had a tie- up since they would be able to give us the car immediately; and if we booked via the aggregator it would take them another 2 hours to give the car.

Each person was just trying to make their sale

We were shocked with the experiences. He also tried to scare us and was so desperate to make his sale and stated that the photo on driving license is not clear and he was about to end his shift for the day. He said he was not sure if after 2 hours his colleague would give us the car or not. Since he is an Asian, he wanted to help us so can ignore the unclear photo on the driving license.

We were again in two minds now.

What if we again pay the broker and the dealer doesn’t give us the car since his colleague won’t give? Another question was what if he was telling a lie and we miss out on our refund of the first booking. I just could not believe what was happening at that point of time was real. But me being able to understand people’s personalities well,  could sense that he was just trying very hard to push for his sale.

So, we chose to take a risk and booked the new car from the aggregator just so that we have some chances to get our refund of 18,000 rupees which was on stake. Half an hour had passed by, but the anxiety was still there till we didn’t receive the car keys. We were waiting at the airport itself starving. I just thought of taking a chance and ask the new person on the counter of the dealer that would this driving license be valid and if we could get the car abit early. It was completely the opposite what the Asian guy had painted a picture in front of us.

Good people reside everywhere

The lady was Scottish and she was so helpful. She gave us the car in 15 minutes, nor did she find any problem with the license. I never believed in caste or creed. I am not saying that the Asian was not helpful and the Scottish were more because we had mixed experiences my belief becomes even stronger that it depends on an individual entirely and not upon any caste, creed, religion, colour or country. The first dealer whom we interacted initially was a Scottish as well; however he was not helpful at all. Also there were many Asians who were so gentle and helpful throughout our journey.

After this entire incident we finally got the car and we heaved a sigh of relief. The next was to chase for our refund now. We had to make alot of follow-up calls but we were assured that we would get our refund back and finally got it after 15 days after coming back to India.

Tips to take-away while you approach for car rental Scotland.

  1. It is better to have an international driving license. You don’t have to face with a lot of hardships
  2. I myself have always believed and booked car after reaching the place. But this time I had made a mistake booking in advance. You always get better deals if you book it after reaching the place rather than paying in advance
  3. Try to analyse who is just trying to make a sale
  4. Always opt for an insurance which covers the care entirely. You never know a small scratch also can make a big hole in your pocket
  5. Opt for such car whose deposit is lesser
  6. It is better to refill the fuel and give back since they charge extra if the fuel is not refilled completely

I hope that this unplugged experience would help you to make your decision. Whatever the decision is, if you like to drive then to explore the highlands, hiring the car is a must.

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