“If your words do not add value to the conversation, remain silent”. This phrase accurately sums up the life of an introvert. Introversion is a personality trait, where the introvert prefers to concentrate on internal feelings rather than external stimulation. Many a times, introverts are labelled to be sad, snobbish, arrogant, aloof and insensitive, while their counterparts i.e. extroverts are deemed friendly, caring, involved and cheerful. These pre conceived notions are far from the truth. The fact that introverts love spending alone quality time with themselves, does not make them a better or worse human being than entroverts. They have a strong sense of self and do not require the company or validation of others to feel their best.

The entire idea that introverts miss out on opportunities because of their quiet and reserved nature must be debunked. Someone’s personality trait must not act as a benchmark to judge his or her capabilities. They might not make their interests explicit like extroverts do, but this in no way means they lack the qualities to succeed in work, relationships or life in general. Often termed as silent workers, introverts work with dedication and efficiency, without making it a public affair. This is why many introverts do not get recognition for their efforts. Introverts like having a few very close friends over having large group of acquaintances. Quality over quantity is their motto, and this is why people assume them to be stuck up or un-adjusting. What might seem as flaws are actually the strong points of an introvert. Let’s take an exam to explain this better. An employee at a firm may not have too many friends at work, or might sit by himself rather than getting involved in office gossip like the others. He or she however, aces every task entrusted to him or her, makes and delivers excellent presentations and contributes positively at every meeting. Even though he does not interact rigorously with his colleagues, he is a very good employee.

Introverts are not lonely, society scorning sad souls. They love themselves enough to realise that they do not need to be surrounded by people all the times to feel fulfilled. They are independent and self aware. They prefer working on themselves, going on solo trips and learning skills over parties and group activities. Though they do not have a dozen friends, the few they have are cherished and cared for whole heartedly. As introverts do not talk too much, they are excellent analysts and listeners. Listening is an art very few master, and many of them are introverts. They catch on to tiny details and observe people and things very carefully. Once they take up a task, they are hardly distracted by the outside world and fulfil it to the t. They eye for detail and listening more than talking skills help them do very well in their jobs.

If you are an introvert and feel disempowered, it is time you introspected. Your work, efforts talents and capabilities should speak for you and not how many friends you have or how many people know you. Do not let people take your silence for weakness and prove your mettle every time an opportunity arises. You do not need to be talking all the time to be heard. Let your deeds speak for you. You do not need to change yourself to fit the mould. What you say is more important than how much you say.




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