In this blog I have shared my thoughts on power of words

  1. Words motivate and influence: Words motivate us. “Words” are the only things that differentiate a human being with an animal. At times, we all must have come across great speeches, lyrics, poetry, words of wisdom, dialogues or random articles with prose that stimulated great thoughts in us. They motivated us to either take action, fall in love, wonder at the writer’s plane and chain of thoughts, depth and imagination of the storyteller or simply thank the universe for being a witness to such great piece of art. And it’s not just that I talk about words and their effects on a broader and long term scale of the spectrum. Try talking rudely to someone, you will get it back. Try motivating someone with your words, you will get happiness. Words can destroy someone and words can form someone’s life. Imagine a house where a mother keeps shouting on the child whole day that your are dumb, you are slow, you are stupid. Do you think that child would ever be bright? If you can’t motivate a LIFE with your words then it is better to be born as an animal
  2. Words save our day: Words can inspire and words can destroy. One needs to choose the words well.

In relationships, words have a magical role to play. Couple who fight with each other cannot be happy, as words once spoken can never be taken back. They cause an ever-lasting impact. Whereas on the other hand, if at-least one in the couple avoids the heat in the moment, uses kind and empathetic words, the tables can turn for the better. And when the storm passes, both feel that the anger was so unnecessary- and the words spoken during the fight could have taken their toll on their relationship.

    3. Affirmations through Words: Mystics and spiritual practitioners all across the world believe that “words” carry energy. They (mystics) believe that chanting a few words, arranged in a specific order- they call mantras- over and over again with good intentions, clear thoughts and a positive mind-set breed desired results. When one speaks words which are in harmony with ones beliefs, they manifest themselves into reality. And trust me, one need not be a mystic to realise that.

Speaking what you desire with a certain level of confidence, belief and acceptance will bring it reality. We must be consciously aware what we bring to reality. That is the real power of words

   4. Words lead us to success: Words when used carefully and built upon can change the course of a life. When one masters the art of communicating well through the correct usage of words they may be used in delivering great town hall speeches, addressing a team of people effectively conveying what needs to be done and reciprocated across, saving a business deal that might have got scraped due to legalese or non-effective positioning of the product or solution and what not. This skill can be scaled up to do anything to will to achieve.

Expressing correctly how you feel is an art. If you feel very angry on someone, you just can’t start abusing. But also that does not mean to keep that anger in your heart. It is necessary to pour it out in correct words. If I am angry at my boss or my partner or my parents and I keep quiet, I will accumulate those feelings inside, on the other hand if I vent it out correctly, no matter if they change or not but I surely would feel better.

Then how you must express? The words that you use when you are very emotional either sad, angry or any negative feeling will take you on the path of success. Use words with assertion without accusation. Example: If I got angry with my partner over something, instead of accusing, I would tell him with assertion that Hey, I did not like this that you did not inform me when you know you you going to come late from work instead of accusing him with bad words. It is not necessary to confront each and every person you come across who makes you feel negative. If you know that relation matters or if you have to communicate with that in day to day life it is better to express.

While driving, rickshaw drivers, bikers might overtake 30 times in a span of 30 minutes. I should learn to IGNORE at times since I am not going to meet them nor that relation is important for me to vent out my anger or express my feeling to them.

  1. Words create the aura that people remember, retain and take away: The influence you have on others through the effective usage of words, is the currency you carry around in your social circles. People find hope, motivation, greater courage and respite when people say good, positive, encouraging and optimistic words to them. Pessimistic and sarcastic words spoken by people inclined towards ridiculing your efforts or anything remotely related to your daily pursuits not just impact you negatively. But also make you avoid the people that are loaded with such characteristics. Not many might have had told this before, but effectively using the power of words is an art to be cultivated carefully and practised regularly.

“Be mindful when it comes to your words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you, may stick with someone else for a lifetime.” – Rachel Wolchin.

“Don’t mix your words with your mood, you can change your mood but you can’t take back your words.”- Anonymous.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”- Mother Teresa.

Make it a point to fill your words with grace, gratitude and politeness and see a beautiful life unfolding in front of you.



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