Workshop for employees

To improve productivity in your employees, working more and more hours is not the solution. Some employees lack the skills and some motivation. We are here to provide both. Guaranteed increase in productivity if that is an issue for your organization.

According to Association for Talent Development companies that organise or offer training programmes to their employees gain 24% higher profit margin against those who ignore such training sessions.

Behavioural skills that are of utmost importance to increase workforce productivity include good communication and listening skills, effective goal setting and execution, Conflict resolution, time management, ability to accept and learn from criticism and positive attitude inculcation.

In this highly competitive world, behavioral and life skills training program work wonders on employees’ willing to learn and improve. Employers must take responsibility of conducting such
training sessions to not only enhance their employees’ personality but to improve the work environment and results.

Training for schools and colleges

Students are the future of our country. Based on a survey conducted Workforce solutions group, 60% employers complained that students were denied jobs because they lacked appropriate interpersonal and communication skills.

Based on a research conducted by Associated Press and MtvU, 8 out of 10 college students suffer from stress and anxiety related to study and work pressure.

Behavioral skills that students in school and college must be equipped with include Anger management, stress management understanding and empathising with others point of views, communication and listening skills, dealing with peer pressure, conflict resolution, time management and teamwork.

Young minds are impressionable. It is important to train and guide students early so that they are equipped with the necessary social skills to manage work and life pressures with ease.

E- Learning (Online Trainings)

Now a days since technology has taken over and every organization is expanding the business in every nook and corner of the world at a spree, it becomes difficult for classroom training. Online training gives one the flexibility to learn and also the scalability of the organization increases significantly. We make engaging e- learning courses which is measurable and also effective.

How do we say we are different?

  1. Before the workshop, we interact with the participants who are nominated one on one and understand in which area they lack.
  2. How much ever you drill in someone’s mind about something, but if there is no self realization then the cost for the training is futile. We first create willingness in the participant to attend the workshop.
  3. Workshops are practical and not just theoretical.
  4. Post workshop analysis is done.