Remember then; that there is only one time that is important—now! It is the most important time because it is the only time over which we have any power”– Leo Tolstoy

It might sound simple, ‘live in the present’; however, it is one of the toughest things to do. We all love replaying failed scenarios and regretting things we did or words we said. We waste so much time worrying about the consequences of our past actions, that we forget to live and make the most of our present. We are not only fretting about the past, but about the future as well. Will things work out as planned? Will I get my dream job? Will I be able to find true love? These thoughts keep plaguing our minds now and then. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in planning your future or reminiscing your past. It is always great to refresh positive memories and think constructively about your future goals, the problem begins when you sacrifice your present for it.

Not each day will be your best day. There will be good moments and there will be moments of disappointment and failure. However does not mean that we must lose focus on what we are supposed to be doing at that moment. We cannot get our past back, and we have zero control over what is about to happen, so the only moment we must be concentrating on is now. So many a times we ignore the task at hand because we are worrying or occupied with incidences that have passed or in anticipation of future events. We fail to do what is expected of us in the present because we fail to prioritize. Time and tide waits for no one, and if we waste the precious gift of the present (pun intended!), then we will only have yet another thing to regret.

I would like to elaborate the importance of living in the present through an anecdote from my own life. I have always been an academically strong student throughout my school and college life. For this very reason, I was hardly worried when my TY results were to come out. I was in the assumption that like always, I will do well this time too. To my utter disbelieve and shock, the results displayed a fail against my name. I was worried beyond my wits and spend the night and the next day severely anxious. When I reached my college to check my marks which were displayed on the notice board, it still showed fail. I felt like my world had collapsed. However when I checked the breakup I realized that I had scored a 27 in one subject while all my others subjects were above 80. I knew there has to be an error in my result and I pulled myself together and after gaining some composure I went to the Principal and requested for a re evaluation. As expected they has been an error and my score was a 72 instead of a 27.I was told that the rectification could be made , but it was going to be a long process. On the very same day, I was to give a class of 100 students a lecture on audit. Though I was extremely tense, I still went and did my job as expected of me. I had to give a number of interviews with the faulty mark sheet, though I was rejected by some institutes, many other institutes decided to call me in for demo classes, and by the grace of God and my hard work I was selected in a number of coaching institutes and colleges as a lecturer. My mark sheet was rectified only after a year. Had I lost hope and felt inferior and sad about my misfortune, I would have landed nowhere. Instead I decided to leave my past behind and work on my present to bring in a brighter future. I did not let my worries come in the way of my job.

As humans, it is but natural to worry and contemplate about our past and future. Here are some tips we can follow when living in the present becomes difficult. Rid yourself of any negative item person or memory of the past. The more you are in touch with your past, the lesser you are connected to the present. Forgive anyone who has hurt you, because you deserve to live without the burden of grudges. Dream about the amazing things in store for you in the future, but work hard to achieve them today. Let the thoughts of a bright future act as a motivation to perform every task with complete dedication and earnestness. Worry about nothing, what is to happen will happen. Redirect all that mental energy into something more concrete, today. Try assessing situations with maturity. Only people who are weak from the inside let their surroundings affect their productivity. Smile, no matter what the situation. You are the master of your mind, and if you convince it into thinking positively, only positivity will surround you. Finally, realise that you are better than your past. Do not let your past blackmail you into ruining a beautiful present and future.




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